About the courage and the freedom to change

FacebookHomescreenImage_1352752367252_sAbout the courage and the freedom to change. 

“I’ve always hated this country and today even more because it doesn’t have respect for its children. But I’m not leaving out of hate; I’m leaving because I hope that one day my son understands that we will be living better. I think this is the most difficult moment of my life.”

These are the words of a friend of mine who dreamt all her life to change her country, to find the right place for her and now she finally decided to take the big step. It is never too late to change, if this is what we want.

But what does change mean if not a metamorphosis, a growth and development of oneself. Everything around us changes continuously, nature, time, costumes, everything evolves, everything transforms, growing or dying. Change is the essence of life itself. So, why does change make us so afraid, why do people do just about anything not to change?

There are many situations in which we reject change and continue to cling on to things, people, situations, and memories. We often see women who stay in unhappy marriages for years, even “accepting” domestic violence. A lot of people have jobs that they don’t love, only to have a “safe job”, living each day knowing that they are not in the right place and stealing that job from a person who is maybe better suited for that situation. They remain in wrong places, only because they believe they cannot do otherwise and are frightened by the idea of starting from the beginning, to study, to learn a new craft, to do something they really love.

To face change means to have the courage to choose the right thing, even if it is the hardest way. We should choose to free our force and to jump into life. The meaning of all things is in the heat of transformation, the road that we must travel and the desire for knowledge. How we live change is up to us.

Thus, the courage to change is also an act of love towards ourselves, it is the desire to pursue our dreams. Because in everything that happens, we often forget one essential thing: ourselves and the dreams we hide inside of us. In our long journey we forget that the excitement and the thrill of something true show us the way to follow, step by step.

In this time of crisis we are going through, more than ever, we need to pull out the resources we have within us and we may have left lying in the depths of our hearts. Certainly it will be difficult to change, even for the sake of the old mentality that still is present in each of us. “Liberation, if it really is important to us,” wrote E. Cioran, “must start from ourselves: it serves no purpose to look elsewhere, in a ready-made system ​​or in some Eastern doctrine.”

We are the mirror of what we repeatedly do, therefore, let’s keep training on this, the desire to feel free to pursue our dreams. No positive change will occur in our lives as long as we cling to the thought that the reason preventing us from living well is outside of us. Until we will stop blaming those who treat us unfairly, like an abusive husband, a demanding boss, situations of social constraint and limitation, the situation will not change. We alone are responsible and the key lies in ourselves, because we all have the freedom and the power to choose.

I close with the verses of the song “People Have the Power” by Patti Smith, which is a true anthem dedicated to freedom:


I believe everything we dream

can come to pass through our union

we can turn the world around

we can turn the earth’s revolution

we have the power

People have the power …”

by @danib1977

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